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The North Wind Doth Blow

Now we're in the depths of winter, I find myself wanting to actively embrace these short days – yes, amazingly they are slowly starting to draw out – I'm loving the feeling of hunkering down and losing myself in the wonder of creative experiment.

In these half-light days I can be found way up in the top of the house in my attic studio. The sound of the winds as they batter the front of the house, the sea slapping against the sea wall – all just a distant murmur as I lose myself in the magic of making images move – discovering the immense joy and fascination that early film-makers must also have felt as stills come to life and a story unfolds.

This is my latest creative project. Sometime back in 2021 I was fortunate enough to secure a grant from Creative Scotland which enable me to purchase good quality lightweight filming equipment as well as providing me with a period of mentoring with a film-maker as well as studio time to further develop and consolidate these skills. Needless to say I've been having a ball. For years now I have tried with varying degrees of success to create my own short art films. As the frustration has grown so has my deep seated desire to fully master working with film as I find it such a truly captivating medium.

The two films that I'm in the process of creating are all extensions of my work on The Cillíní Project. As such I'm spending time going through and playing with old images from my many visits to County Kerry. The alchemy for me comes from the joy of layering various images which start to create a narrative which multiplies as the pictures morph, change, overlay and fade. Even more incredible is what happens when music is added – then layers of meaning twirl, twist and weave, working on almost all the senses.

I can safely say I am completely in love with this wonderful medium and all the creative possibilities that I'm starting to see open out before me.

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Peter Brady
Peter Brady
Jan 25, 2022

Your first photo of the framed Sacred Heart image stirs up massive memories for me. Being brought up in an Irish, Catholic family in the late 50's and 60's, icons such as this were all over our house. In fact the one of the Sacred Heart was on the wall of my bedroom sharing space with a large bought poster of Bob Dylan and a not so good, drawn by myself poster of Che Guvera, when I tried in vain, due to lack of money, to recreate the Jim Fitzpatrick style poster which was all the rage at the time....The Sacred Heart image in my room also had, at the bottom an additional area where the local parish priest filled…

Replying to

What an evocative description Pete - it's intriguing to hear about the ritual element and superstition all rolled into one. I love the fact that the sacred heart kept company with Che Guvera and Bob Dylan - quite a mix! Thanks so much for sharing that.

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